for You and Your Dog
Eskies are not a breed for everyone.

They are high energy, busy dogs and without
proper socialization and training can develop
behavior problems. An Eskie without a job will find
one and usually their owners will not like it! Eskies
are smart and easily trained using positive methods.
They are great agility dogs and will happily do tricks;
in fact, at one time they were star performers of the
Barnum Bailey Circus.
They require brushing twice a week and
routine grooming.

Like all longhaired dogs they shed. The eskie
has a different kind of coat that has no
"doggy-odor" and, with regular brushing, will
stay clean and maintain a glorious shine.
There is no need to bathe an eskie more than
a couple times a year.
Eskies are very people oriented...

...and, therefore, suffer when constantly
chained or kenneled. They are miserable
if not included as part of the family. They
are loyal, committed to their families and
wary of strangers, making them good
watchdogs. But this also means they
need constant socialization and a strong
leader who doesn't let them get away
with deciding who is or is not allowed on
the property or in the house.

...with an average life span of
15 years, having very few
health problems. If an Eskie is
your kind of dog, you will have a
lifelong friend who loves you no
matter what.
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The Eskie Connection started out in 2001 as a rescue group for homeless American
Eskimo Dogs. Over the years of doing rescue work, I found new homes for over 80
dogs.  You can read their stories on the
SUCCESS STORIES page. As the task of
rehoming eskies became more difficult, I had to hang up my rescue hat in 2006.