Offering Support and Training
for You and Your Dog
Why would a person get a dog, keep him for months or years, and then
decide to get rid of him? In some cases, the owners die, become ill or move
and can’t take their dog with. But the usual reason is that the owners are no
longer willing to care for the dog or no longer willing to put up with its actions.
Even the dogs that are picked up as strays are unwanted by their owners. Not
many of them are truly lost and can’t find their way home; their owners simply
don’t care enough to go find them.
The people who surrendered their dog to a shelter or to a rescue group threw
away the opportunity to own an obedient, responsive, affectionate companion.
They didn’t know how to handle the dog, and they choose not to take the time
and make the effort to do so. Their loss has been another family’s gain. The
following pages tell the stories of the dogs I have helped get into a new home.